How to Use Beauty to Impact Social Change & Make a Difference

How to Use Beauty to Impact Social Change & Make a Difference

It is no longer enough to look and feel great all by yourself. With so many societal issues springing up every second, it has now become important to use what we have to address the issues that really mean the most to us. There are different purposes beauty can serve asides aesthetics. While many sections of the beauty industry continue to do their bit, the nail art and nail designs nichè continue to show that beauty can be made to serve a higher purpose.


Art for nails has transcended mere beauty, and have now become a trendy form of self-expression. Sure, a great look and cute nails are great but nail art is being revolutionize to not just make your nails look pretty, but also make important statements geared towards social change.


Over the years, we have to come to realize that a lot of beauty/fashion statements have been instrumental in shifting political ideologies and causing the intended change. During the 2012 Presidential campaign season in America, many celebrities, particularly Katy Perry, were known to wear nail art that promoted their favored candidate. This trend sparked conversations on the internet and many citizens followed suit. That was a clear case of using beauty to make a statement.

Election season is around the corner and a lot of campaigns have come up, imploring Americans to exercise their franchise and vote. Wearing nail designs that explicitly says “Vote” is a great conversation starter. It will provoke important discourse that will trigger some necessary shifts.

We've also seen nails ideas advocating the Black Lives Matter Movement, the Feminist Movement, and other great empowerment campaigns.

So, getting your nails done can now do more than offer aesthetic value. You can literally have your ideologies on your fingertips and be part of a cause bigger than yourself.

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