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Kyutee joins Michelle Obama's "When We All Vote" as an Official Partner
The voting season is upon us and Michelle Obama's When We All Vote (WWAV) plans to make a difference.  Kyutee has partnered with WWAV to join forces and inspire Americans to register to vote.
How to Use Beauty to Impact Social Change & Make a Difference
It is no longer enough to look and feel great all by yourself. With so many societal issues springing up every second, it has now become important to use what we have to address the issues that really mean the most to us. 
Stuck in the house? Here's 10 DIY Nail Art designs & tips during COVID-19
Nails are not getting the care and treatment that they deserve since we were all asked to practice social distancing and self-isolate in our homes. This means goodbye to nail salons and nail’s day for some time. 

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