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How to Use


How To Use


How To Use

What are Kyutee Nails?

Kyutee nails are the wave of the future! We create technologically advanced peel and stick nail glam that's long-lasting (up to 14 days), easy to apply, and easy to wear.

We make two types of nail glam. Our Instant Polish is made from professional grade non-toxic nail polish, while our Instant Gel is made from professional grade non-toxic gel nail polish. Both have the same high-quality ingredients you'd find at your local nail salon.

With Kyutee Nails, you'll get the same professional results in half the time and cost!

Application Method

It's easy to apply your Kyutee Nails.  Just follow these steps:

Prepare:  It is recommended that you buff and shape your nails. Next, wipe your nails with the alcohol pad.

Step 1.: Select the correct nail wrap for your nail size.

Step 2: Peel, stick, and smooth the wraps down over your nails.

Step 3:  Fold the excess wrap over and down the front of your nails.  Hold a nail file upright and begin to file straight down and at a 90 degree angle.

Step 4.  Once you've filed away the excess, shape your nails, as usual, while smoothing away any rough edges.

Tip:  Nails will last up to 14 days, but you can seal them with a coat of Kyutee Clear Top Coat for even longer-lasting wear.

Removal Method

Instant Polish

Removal is a breeze! Simply soak a cotton ball with polish remover. Apply the cotton ball to your nail and hold for 30 seconds. Next, wipe the polish away. Repeat the process until nails are completely clean.

Instant Gel

Simply put a small amount of oil at the base of each cuticle. Allow to set for 1 minute, massaging into the nail. Next, slowly begin to lift up the corners of the nail wrap. Gently peel the nail wrap in the opposite direction. Do not pull the nail wrap straight up. Peel it off at an angle that's close to your nail.

Virtual Try-On

Try on your favorite nail colors, styles and patterns before buying them using our virtual try-on app. You can find the perfect nails for yourself using our nail try-on app, LAUNCHING SOON!

Coming Soon

Pick A Nail Shape

Nails come in all sorts of styles. That's why we've created our nail wraps to fit longer nail lengths and trendy nail shapes. With Kyutee Nails, it's safe for you to rock any shape.

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